Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wobbly Barn

After a long day of snowboarding/skiing at Killington Mountain in Vermont last weekend, my friends and I wanted to experience the nightlife Killington, Vt had to offer. With the town having a population of about 1100, there's really not much around. It doesn't really have your typical village feel for a ski resort, which is fine.

We did a little research on the Internet and quickly came up with the two "hottest" night spots. The Wobbly Barn and The Pickle Barrel. Supposedly, they're pretty much one in the same. We chose the Wobbly Barn for the fact of its closer proximity to our hotel. They also have a free taxi service as well. The Wobbly Barn has a steakhouse downstairs, for a nice added feature. We did eat there, while the food was decent, the prices were quite high. Which is to be expected at any ski resort town. The kicker for eating there, however, translates to getting into the bar portion, upstairs, for free. Rather than having to pay a $10 or $20 cover charge per person. The bar area was sweet, there's a stage set up for a band with seating on the outer edges. Also, there's like this balcony area above the dance floor/stage, where additional seating can be found. As I understand, the Wobbly Barn is pretty old. So, during its capacity, you could literally feel the floor moving (wobbling, no pun intended) up and down! All in all its a great place if you're looking to do some after skiing/snowboarding, boozing.

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