Tuesday, February 3, 2009

5 Hour Energy

I just came home from a weekend of snowboarding in Killington, Vermont with a few of my friends. I brought myself a 2 oz. bottle of 5 hour energy with me. Keep in mind I'm not a big energy drink person, so I've never had a 5 hour energy before. My idiot friends kept razzing me to take it, saying,"it's going to upset your stomach, "it'll give you a pounding headache", etc. The razzing persisted, and the fact is, consuming the energy drink now concerned me!

So, I arrive home this past Sunday, without drinking the 5 Hour Energy in Vermont. I'm now by myself and can dodge the ridicule I may have gotten if the energy drink affects me negatively! I'm exhausted, so I grab the 2 oz. shot, quickly read the "scientific" ingredients and down it. The taste is hideous, however, it subsides quickly. After about 10 minutes I started getting a bit jittery, which persists for about 30 minutes. Once the jitters were out, I felt rejuvenated, like I had just taken a 1 hour nap. What a sweet product. I've read that people actually get hooked on this stuff, so I should probably be careful. If you need a quick pick-me-up, give this product a whirl.

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