Saturday, February 21, 2009

PS3: Battlefield Bad Company

So I've had Playstation 3 for about five months and I've been completely addicted to the game Battlefield Bad Company.  It's a first person shooting game.  PS3 has the ability to connect to the internet, which means I can play with other people throughout the world.  Some PS3 users have microphones so you can talk amongst each other, which is a cool feature.

Bad Company allows you the ability to check how many hours logged you've played by checking the Bad Company website online.  So far I've logged 192 hours, or about 1 hour a day for 5 straight months.  I came across someone online the other day that logged 1730 hours.  I assume this person bought the game when it came out in June.  So, if my math serves me correctly, this particular person has played the game 6.5 hours a day for 9 straight months!  And I thought I had no life.

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