Monday, February 9, 2009

Warm weather vs cold weather

Living in Massachusetts, we experience some crazy temperature swings (2 degrees in Winter, 97 degrees in Summer). We get to actually experience the four seasons. Which is a good thing for some people, and a bad for others, myself included. Having lived here for 26 years, the cold weather is finally getting to me. The hassle of putting 5 layers a clothes on. Clearing off my driveway every week, driving 20 mph when its snowing, falling on my ass when retrieving the paper, etc. Just having to endure literally 7 months of winter is getting really old.

Just last week I hit the button to open the garage door and heard this loud, "pop." The arm that lifts the door ripped off due to the fact the door was frozen to the ground. These types of things only happen when its frigid, and they annoy me to no end. Last year, my pipes froze, twice. Thanks to the consecutive days of -15 degree weather! Now I have anti-freeze running throughout my houses heating system. What made the winter time even more unattractive to me was the giant ice storm we recently had a couple months ago. We were without power for three days (10 days in other parts of town.) The destruction the heavy ice caused to trees was unbelievable. You can still drive around and see broken trees everywhere.

The cost of living in a climate that gets really cold is apparent also. Heating my house is roughly $200 a month as opposed to $70 with A/C. The higher cost of layers vs just t-shirts and shorts is obvious too. My car will last only 10 years with the salt eating away at it year after year.

I understand the saying, "the grass is always greener on the other side." But, for me its time to roll the dice and move to a warmer climate, because to me, there's no comparison. Then after 10 years of being at my new destination, I'm sure I'll start bitching and moaning there!

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